Synchronized, ultra-low latency technology to power the next generation of interactive live streaming


Ultra-low latency video at scale

Livery is built from the ground up and offered as an end-to-end solution to ensure every step in the video chain is optimized to deliver ultra-low latency video at scale. It is the first platform that combines the ULL-CMAF (Ultra Low Latency) protocol with synchronized and interactive video experiences at no additional cost compared to regular latency streaming.

As a result, Livery offers you more flexibility, control and features for truly interactive live streaming across iOS, Android and Web apps.


Infrastructure for low latency

Until now, WebRTC was often used for low latency video. However WebRTC requires dedicated infrastructure that’s expensive to operate and that doesn’t scale well. Unlike WebRTC, chunked CMAF is cost effective, has no scaling limitations, and is compatible with major CDN’s. You can also protect your video by applying common encryption standards.

Most live streaming is based on HLS & Dash, where the encoder has to encode a full segment, usually around 6 seconds, before the segment can be uploaded to the CDN. The CDN delivery adds additional delay. Finally, the video player needs time to download the segment plus it waits until it has at least 3 segments in its buffer. In practice, this means a latency of at least 20 seconds.

Instead, Livery chops the segments into much smaller pieces called chunks. Livery pushes chunks to end users, lowering the player’s overall latency and startup time. As a result, Livery offers much lower latency than traditional HLS and Dash, without any of the WebRTC downsides.


Traditional hls & dash

What to use?

Livery's ULL-CMAF vs WebRTC


ULL-CMAF is based on ubiquitous video delivery protocols and does not require a special server setup. This makes the price for ultra-low-latency video to be similar to high-latency, VOD-style price points, making it up to 8 times more cost efficient than WebRTC. Livery also offers global pricing, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.


ULL-CMAF is able to achieve a glass-to-glass latency of 1-3 seconds, depending on the location. According to our research this is low enough to accommodate at least 95% of all low latency streaming use cases. WebRTC is more suitable for those use-cases where a sub-second latency or real time communication is required, for instance video conferencing.


ULL-CMAF is distributed via regular CDNs and thefore ideally positioned to be a broadcast, “one-to-many” solution, as it is able by design to scale to millions of concurrent users and much more capable to handle spikes in traffic, e.g. because millions of people show up to watch a big live event that goes viral.


An additional advantage of basing Livery on existing standard is that features developed for on-demand video like DRM or ad insertions can be integrated with your ULL-CMAF live stream.

On-premise & Cloud-based

Livery Encoder

The Livery encoder provides reliable encoder technology. Our encoder is built from the ground up to provide the highest video quality with the lowest possible latency, all in perfect sync. Based on your needs and preferences, encoding can be handled an on-premise hardware encoder or our cloud encoder solution. Both provide full support for scaling, transcoding, transmuxing and adaptive bitrates (ABR).

Livery's ON-PREMISE Encoder

  • Optimized for low latency streaming via ULL-CMAF
  • Multi Bitrate output up to 4k 50fps
  • H.264, H265, VP9 Compression
  • Online management portal
  • Public API
  • Build-in capture card SDI and/or HDMI
  • Redundant operations and fallback (requires 2 encoders)

Livery's Cloud Encoder

  • Optimized for low latency streaming via ULL-CMAF
  • Multi Bitrate output up to 4k 50fps
  • H.264, H265, VP9 Compression
  • Online management portal
  • Public API
  • SRT and/or RTMP ingest
  • Dedicated cloud proxy to max the efficieny of the cloud encoders

Hardware Encoder

  • Optimized for low latency streaming via ULL-CMAF
  • Multi Bitrate output up to 4k 50fps
  • H.264, H265, VP9 Compression
  • Online management portal
  • Public API
  • Build-in capture card SDI and/or HDMI
  • Full redundant operations and fallback with a smooth transition between encoders (requires 2 encoders)

Cloud Encoder

  • Optimized for low latency streaming via ULL-CMAF
  • Multi Bitrate output up to 4k 50fps
  • H.264, H265, VP9 Compression
  • Online management portal
  • Public API
  • SRT and/or RTMP ingest
  • Dedicated cloud proxy to max the efficieny of the cloud encoders


Livery Distribution

Global availability

Livery supports low latency ingest and distribution throughout America, Europe, Asia and beyond – all at the same time if necessary.

Powered by Akamai

Livery uses the CDN infrastructure of Akamai, the world’s most trusted CDN provider. Akamai fully supports the ULL-CMAF standard on which Livery is based, and Livery is the first video solution to be certified by Akamai to deliver low latency live streaming.


Livery is able to offer premium  quality and Akamai-powered CDN capacity for less than what you pay for a 2nd tier CDN or WebRTC provider.


Stream with confidence that your audience will see your content with consistent low latency and in sync. No matter if your stream has  hundreds or millions of users, Livery has got you covered.

For all platforms

Interactive player included

The Livery player is the best way to bring low latency interactive video project to your end users. Our player SDK’s can be integrated on iOS, Android and web in a matter of minutes. A built-in interactive layer brings true interactive video within everyone’s reach.

Documentation on how to add Livery Video to your platform can be accessed via 
Should you have any questions on how to best implement our player in your project, just get in touch.


The same frame at the same time

Syncing video across platforms and connection types is crucial for preventing spoilers and offering interactive video to many people simultaneously. Livery ensures the same content is shown at the same time to all viewers no matter their internet connection or device. Our video players maintain a common delay by calculating the latency and adjusting the playback speed accordingly.

For example take a game show that you’re playing along with – there’s no cheating by getting a head start on others, or by artificially delaying your answer. And you may recognise that your neighbours are cheering a point, while you’re still 20 seconds from seeing the goal.

Read on ‘Medium’ how an 8-second head start is more than enough for high-frequency traders to make an easy profit

In order to achieve synchronization, the encoder writes a timestamp as soon as it starts encoding the stream. This timestamp is passed along to all of the video players using the video stream, so they know when the stream has started and which portion of the stream they are currently decoding. Where needed the playback speed is adjusted to sync.

Upcoming video frames, downloaded to the buffer of the player can optionally be encrypted. This lets users pre-load video in the buffer and maintaining the best possible video quality, while the encryption prevents hackers to access content they’re not yet supposed to.

You can test this yourself by opening any Livery feed on multiple devices and/or connections and you’ll see that Livery keeps everything in sync.


Detailed analytics

Livery collects data from 3 sources: encoder, CDN, and player SDK’s. Data is collected in a Redshift database and pushed to a real-time dashboard. Livery’s low level implementation of analytics at every stage makes it possible to centrally aggregate and report all important details from across encoder, CDN and all players. 

These include:


  • Real-time customer stats dashboard
  • Aggregated statistics: viewers, quality, device, platform, location, unique viewers, and sessions
  • Stats driven optimizations
  • System health checks


Interactive layers for live video

The Livery player uses multiple layers, including one supporting a suite of standard, HTML5 based interactions. This enables seamless, interactive experiences that run directly on top of the video layer. Everything is kept in sync with the video stream, creating new opportunities for innovative and interactive extensions: from live statistics and graphics to live trivia quizzes, betting, shoppable video and auctions.

Livery Interactive is the name of our collection of white-label, real-time interactions directly that run directly in the interactive layer of the Livery Player. Livery Interactive comes with its own management portal providing full control of your live stream and includes features like:

•  Poll
•  Trivia and predications
•  Notifications
•  Announcements
•  Product offers
•  Q&A
•  Chat
•  Gamification
•  Presenter view
•  Exports
•  Public API

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